Over the last 20 years, David Hilton has been able to distill the experience from his own studios and that of the more than 300 hundred studio owners that he’s worked with into the Fundamentals of the Million-Dollar Studio.
These essential lessons – what to do, and what not to do – 
are now available to you for free!

It Starts with You!!

Your business is a perfect 
mirror of who you are.

Change the way you think and 
your business 
will INSTANTLY change.

Nothing else will work!

What brought you here?

  • Perhaps you are new to portrait photography and are trying to understand the business…
  • Perhaps you are excited by your passion & dreams of what’s possible in portrait photography…

Have you heard Portrait Studios don't work?

  • You do far more than you should for the reward you receive
  • The problem is not the amount of work that you do, but rather that you are doing the wrong work
  • ​Ending up in stress, chaos and burnout…

Myth Busting

  • I could not possibly double my business, I’m all ready working as hard as I can
  • All clients want is digital images
  • ​I can’t raise my prices, people already think I’m expensive

The purpose of building your business...

  • To give you more time, more money and more freedom
  • So you can be the "owner" not just a paid employee
  • Build equity for retirement and financial freedom!
"My wife Jennifer and I have been in the industry for 15 years now. We have been in coaching for three years.

"We started coaching because we were about six months away from just deciding to fold up shop and do other things. Coaching has changed our life in so many ways and quite honestly, it probably saved our marriage. We went from a typical photography studio that was just on the poverty level and coaching has taken us to a six-figure net studio.

"It's really helpful. You're a phone call away from any of these people. We've saved our marriage, changed our lives and have a new trajectory on life. A positive hopeful future." - Jerry Oates

Hear What Others Have To Say About Our Program

Hear What Others Have To Say About Our Program

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